Under the section “My orders” each client can track the status of their orders and the dates of change of these statuses online in order to be aware of the full process from the placement of the order to the delivery to your warehouse.

There are the following statuses of the order:
1. "Awaiting confirmation" - the order is accepted by our system, please, wait for confirmation from the ordering manager.
2. "Order accepted" - the manager has accepted your order. The order has been successfully placed in the factory and is waiting for the queue on the packaging.
3. "Arrived at the warehouse" - your order has been received by us and stands in line for packaging.
4. "Sorting" - your order passes the stage of sorting and packaging of the goods in our warehouse.
5. "The goods are handed over to the transport company" - the order is sent to the address specified by you.
6. "The order is delivered" - the order has arrived at the warehouse in a city or point specified by you.
7. "Cancelled/suspended" - the order is cancelled or suspended by our manager, in order to size up the situation, please, contact us.
8. "Delay of delivery" - the delivery is delayed for reasons beyond our control, in order to size up the situation, please, contact us.